Meant as it’s name says for people that work sitting down (no matter of the age). They don’t take up much time. 13 Exercises, each is about 40 sec. long. You don’t need any special equipment, and all you need is 8 minutes of your time and some good will. After that you will fill less stiff, more nimble a cheerful. Exercise them 1-2 time a day and that is that.


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The new DVD from the workshop of Tonći Šitić, who this time shows us exercises for stretching. It is useful for those who are already attending therapy and are somehow involved in the rehabilitation process. It is also important for people that involved in sports to prevent injuries.


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This DVD “Exercises for spine – medical gymnastic in 23 steps” continues where the last CD left off, it shows 23 carefully selected exercises, where the user can identify himself while doing them, they don’t need any special equipment or clothes, they can be done almost anywhere from you home to the gym, which is extremely important and is only product of it’s kind which is recommended by Croatian Society of Physiotherapists.


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This is the logical continuation of the “Exercises for spine” DVD which was greatly adopted. Most of the questions were how to exercise the legs correctly, how to have an reminder after learning the exercises, and which exercises to do for which leg problems.


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Exercising and “Exercising”

Exercising, how it sounds nice!


The spring comes, and we want to be beautiful, thin and without cellulite etc.


First we talk about diets, taking in various substances in specific amounts that were programmed by a computer module.


In the morning an apple, in the afternoon a pear or meat or something like meat, exotic fruit is delicious but in out climate it can only serve as an exotic indulgence.


But the only right diet costs 10kn, yes you read it correctly 10kn, that’s the price of a packet of patches and a wide straw.


Having said that the best diet is a patch on out mouths by which we limit out food intake and that what we can eat through a straw will not trouble us.


The next thing we are obsessing about is exercising.  The newspaper and media are full of beauties who in their own sweat repeat endless motions and explain how after having done that they feel great, enthusiastically etc. Drawn by the advertising we sit by the computer and are ready for action to find the best for us, if before we haven’t came across on third class special newspaper article which is filled by with marketing madness and fully sponsored by a company that produces or distributes “the newest food or another oral product”.


What follows next is the shock. We discover a lot of exotic exercises which will make us beautiful, thin, health and the likes.


 Their stories start with “Studies have proved if you use that and that you will be healthy and beautiful.”


Usually there are incomprehensible foreign words, but sounding very attractive.


After that we call out acquaintances if they have heard about those exercises, we shop around for new mostly expensive clothes and get read for action.


When we enter a exercising place no matter what it is called (fitness studio, aerobic centre or whatever it might be called) a polite girl on the entrance asks us for out basic information, offers us an exercise regime, we pay up our membership and then we start the action.


There are amusing situations where we exercise in gyms of schools and preschools, which earn a few coins extra and let the kids leave early. These gymnasiums are scarce due to the fact that out beloved mayor has started a more strict control and the schools will have show all their profits acquired in that manor.


With these exercises it is interesting that no one has asked about the health of the participants or made a short medical check up done by a doctor or even a physiotherapist before the start of the program.


We enter the room where the trainer or how ever does the person likes to call himself (or the club owner chooses to call the position) shows the fitness equipment (no matter if it fitness equipment or an aerobic slider, weights, elastic bands etc.) we stand at our spot, looking around in confusion and the circus begins.


Hand up, hand down, legs here, watch the breathing and we are overwhelmed with information.


When and if the trainer notices our gasping the reply is usually “If the exercise is too strenuous skip it or reduce the number of repetitions.”


One would consider that correct, and after all you’re out of shape.


The first round of torture which lasted about 45 minutes is over, with a good swart we go to the locker room where we change and find a victim to talk about experience over a drink.


In the morning we wake up feeling half dead, and our legs are swollen and hurting, but they said that it will fill that way and if it hurts we should take a pill based on acetylsalicylic acid (like Andol or Aspirin) as the one of most simple medical preparation  or we should have an massage!?


Thinking about what to do, we still decide to go on more “training” the day after tomorrow, because as they said fight fire with fire and the word is it is ideal to exercise 2 to 3 times a week.


Due to the inadequate footwear out feet joints are being hit together and as a result micro traumas appear to be finally replaced with real traumas which force us to stop our program and to visit a doctor or physiotherapist.


The cause of the pain is also the stress, as a rule after a stressful work (even it is sitting down) doing stressful exercise is strange to say the least if not dangerous.


First one should learn how to relax before doing any work.


After the next workout one should visit his doctor or physiotherapist.


In the discussion we get asked about the check up from the beginning of our story and the nature of the exercise we have been doing. Based on that information the patient gets the appropriate advice and tests if needed.


The commons cause for a visit is the pain in the legs and in the spine.


For legs the recommended exercise is stretching and improvement of mobility and to avoid the wrong kind of strain, the treatment for the spine depends on the nature of the injury, and the kind and strength of the pain.


In the begging I have mentioned the start check up, unfortunately that does not exist or I haven’t come across it. That check up and the talk with the doctor or physiotherapist last for 20 to 30 minutes but is very useful.


Firstly it shows us the state in which we are in and what exercises and treatments are recommended for us based on our medical condition. Just with that we work more efficiently and don’t lose time on treating the end results, and the club that way gains a lot on its quality and reputation.


If you want a slim figure you first have to know what you want.


Your path to that goal should look like this:


-          Learn some exercise for your spine, and you should practice it 2 – 3 time a week before doing your workout.

-          Learn how to stretch, before and after the workout

-          Try to avoid any centre or institution where you haven’t done a starting check up

-          The clothes you need, needs to be cotton but not necessarily expensive

-          Foot wear is something different, and based on you activity you can find it in an specialized store

-          The person that leads the workout should be a professional (which can be easily checked out)

-          Forget about the stories that tell you that you have to be over exhausted during the exercise


This is written in good faith, because in my ten yearlong carrier there are more and more people (most are girls and women) which approach me with the same problems that could have been prevented at the start.


Tonći Šitić, higher physiotherapist

Exercises for bike riders


Exercises for bike riders


To make your bike drives more enjoyable, for you in pdf format.



Exercises for rollerbladers


Exercises for rollerbladers


How to make your rollerblading more enjoyable, for you in pdf format



Exercises for swimmers

Exercises for swimmers


Swimming is a beautiful sport where all the muscles are activated and no joint under too much strain. It is recommended more or less to any one, to the healthy or the sick. To get the most of swimming take a look at theses exercises.


Exercises for tennis players

Exercises for tennis players


Tennis is a beautiful sport that can played in and out doors. Many of you play it recreationally. To make it a complete satisfaction with lower risk of injury look at these few exercises.


Exercises for hikers

Exercises for hikers

Going for long walks in nature is simply divine, especially on our beautiful hills and mountains. To feel all that nature has to offer us lets exercise before and after the walk. We will surely feel better.


Exercises for ice skaters

Exercises for ice skaters


The time has come for winter sports, to go skiing is a bit early, but the ice rinks are working with full load. We remember the last year, when it used to hurt all over after ice skating. This is due to us being not prepared before the ice skating.

To overcome this, we should get to work and to take it as a habit to stretch and warm up before going to the ice.


Exercises for sand volleyball players

Exercises for sand volleyball players


On some types of summer activities one should arrived prepared or to prepare oneself before the activity. If you are not a sports type take a look how it should look like.


Exercises for sand handball players

Exercises for sand handball players


Prepare yourself together with Vlatka Šamarinec the member of Croatia’s national sand handball team. She is the Europe’s champion for the 2007, and start with this relatively new sport or take a look how it should look like.


Exercises for triple jump, long jump and running disciplines

Exercises for triple jump, long jump and running disciplines



It is great to have the privilege to host on your website the world champion in  triple jump for handicapped people in 2007 and Croatia’s paraolympian Marija Iveković, and together with her to demonstrate some exercises that should be done by every sportsman and sportswoman.


The correct and incorrect way to sit and work on a computer

Sitting position, sounds so relaxing. People who work in standing position whole day think it is easy to sit 8 or more hours a day. It seems that those people are resting all the time. Sitting in front of PC is considered "the easiest" work. Most of people also think that such work means lots of fun. But, is that really so? Is incorrect sitting position in front of PC harmful? Must we pay attention to all that especially when we spend a lot of time in front of PC's? These and many other questions need answers and solutions.

The girl on the picture is professional, she has been sitting in front of sitting position in front of PC for more than 8 years. She spends more than 8 hours a day on her working place.

Examining these pictures try to find your sitting pposition, see if it is incorrect and change it. You will certainly reduce the difficulties you have and prevent their recurrence.

Position 1
  Position 2  Position 3  Position 4
 Position 5 Position 6 Position 7 Position 8
 Position 9 Position 10 Position 11 Position 12


The solution is:

Becoming aware of correct sitting position.

Realize that there are no right or wrong chairs, only correct sitting position.
Your muscles keep your posture in correct position, not your chair.

We use some positions when we are tired, that is why we should exercise every
2 hours.

Don't buy balls or other therapeutical devices because you can sit correct or incorrect on them.

Pleasent working day from Tonći!