Kaltenborn course: the upper extremities Print
Thursday, 26 March 2009 18:10

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Klatenborn, part 2 the upper extremities. Took place on the 23ed to 28th of November 2008. A good team, a lot of anatomy and biomechanics introduction, on that topic we were absolutely clueless (except for one colleague), but when we got the hang of it everything snapped to its place. Connecting what we learned in the first part, the whole story begins receive a shape.

It is not an almighty technique, nor is it introduced in that manor but any self-respecting physiotherapist and is connected with orthopedic patients should be familiar with it.

The sliding movements in the joint, rotation, translator movement, friction technique, mobilization, dear colleagues how much do you know about it?

This technique is excellent to learn just that!










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