Meant as it’s name says for people that work sitting down (no matter of the age). They don’t take up much time. 13 Exercises, each is about 40 sec. long. You don’t need any special equipment, and all you need is 8 minutes of your time and some good will. After that you will fill less stiff, more nimble a cheerful. Exercise them 1-2 time a day and that is that.


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The new DVD from the workshop of Tonći Šitić, who this time shows us exercises for stretching. It is useful for those who are already attending therapy and are somehow involved in the rehabilitation process. It is also important for people that involved in sports to prevent injuries.


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This DVD “Exercises for spine – medical gymnastic in 23 steps” continues where the last CD left off, it shows 23 carefully selected exercises, where the user can identify himself while doing them, they don’t need any special equipment or clothes, they can be done almost anywhere from you home to the gym, which is extremely important and is only product of it’s kind which is recommended by Croatian Society of Physiotherapists.


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This is the logical continuation of the “Exercises for spine” DVD which was greatly adopted. Most of the questions were how to exercise the legs correctly, how to have an reminder after learning the exercises, and which exercises to do for which leg problems.


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The course on “Basics of manual medicine”, part 2, March 2009 PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 31 March 2009 16:37

The second part of the “Basics of manual medicine” took place in March 2009. There were 20 people attending (10 doctors and 10 higher physiotherapists). The atmosphere can be viewed in the gallery.




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Kaltenborn course: the upper extremities PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 March 2009 18:10

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Klatenborn, part 2 the upper extremities. Took place on the 23ed to 28th of November 2008. A good team, a lot of anatomy and biomechanics introduction, on that topic we were absolutely clueless (except for one colleague), but when we got the hang of it everything snapped to its place. Connecting what we learned in the first part, the whole story begins receive a shape.

It is not an almighty technique, nor is it introduced in that manor but any self-respecting physiotherapist and is connected with orthopedic patients should be familiar with it.

The sliding movements in the joint, rotation, translator movement, friction technique, mobilization, dear colleagues how much do you know about it?

This technique is excellent to learn just that!










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Workshop: “Joint of the hip with the pelvis ring,” PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 March 2009 18:10

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The workshop of manual medicine on the topic “Joint of the hip with the pelvis ring,” was held on the 13. October 2007 in the “Sveti Duh” hospital, Sveti Duh 64, Zagreb

There were 12 people attending who covered about 10 diagnostic procedures and the therapy techniques after diagnosis.

Lead by mr. sc. Dunja Barak-Smešny, dr. med.


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Manual medicine course part 2 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 March 2009 18:10

Normal 0 21 The second part of the Basics of manual medicine was held in “Sveti Duh” hospital, Sveti Duh 64, Zagreb and I have to admit it was extraordinary. The pause after the firs part we made up by a small repetition and continued where we left off. Dr. Smešny, good as always and still with a lot of knowledge which she is ready to share. Movement in joints, why they block, how to discover the blockage, manual tasting of the joints separately, soft tissues techniques, etc. I Bring you a part of the atmosphere:




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Zagreb Fair, “Medicine and Technology”, 18th and 19th of May 2007. PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 March 2009 18:09

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As a part of the fair Medicine and Technology, on pavilion 11a on the Friday (the 18th) at 17h and on Saturday (the 19th of May) at 11h and 12h, exercises for the spine, stretching exercises were held, all with video and live demonstrations, also any question from the audience were also answered. The workshop were traditionally free (the fourth year in a row) and the moderators were Tonći Šitić vft and Marko Mokrović vft.

The reasons for these workshops are people who ask us about all kinds of problems but we do not have sufficient time to answer their question fully.

Some people also send emails and ask about the practice of physiotherapy.

During the three workshops there were only 5 people present, even though it was all announced in the media and the fair.

I see it is more interesting to read about bad news in the papers or about politicians arguing then to read serious invitations from which only good things can follow, but they were lost in a sea of other invitation.

Conclusion: The health of the spine and advices that are handed out without charge are somewhere on the bottom of the list for people here who “doesn’t have the time” for himself or a too much money and is happier it he pays for his advices or exercises, a bit on the absurd but true.

God gave health to all, but intelligence and trust to only some of them.

Be healthy and happy!


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