Meant as it’s name says for people that work sitting down (no matter of the age). They don’t take up much time. 13 Exercises, each is about 40 sec. long. You don’t need any special equipment, and all you need is 8 minutes of your time and some good will. After that you will fill less stiff, more nimble a cheerful. Exercise them 1-2 time a day and that is that.


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The new DVD from the workshop of Tonći Šitić, who this time shows us exercises for stretching. It is useful for those who are already attending therapy and are somehow involved in the rehabilitation process. It is also important for people that involved in sports to prevent injuries.


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This DVD “Exercises for spine – medical gymnastic in 23 steps” continues where the last CD left off, it shows 23 carefully selected exercises, where the user can identify himself while doing them, they don’t need any special equipment or clothes, they can be done almost anywhere from you home to the gym, which is extremely important and is only product of it’s kind which is recommended by Croatian Society of Physiotherapists.


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This is the logical continuation of the “Exercises for spine” DVD which was greatly adopted. Most of the questions were how to exercise the legs correctly, how to have an reminder after learning the exercises, and which exercises to do for which leg problems.


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CD Reviews - "Exercises in sitting position" Dubravko Božičević

Modern man has immersed into stress, has reduced his physical efforts to minimum and has resorted to electronical substitutions of his intelectual and physical activities. If we add to that all of the unacceptable eating habits - situation becomes more than disturbing.

What to do? How to revive ourselves?

Let's try to reactivate, put yourself into hands of professional. View the CD of mr. T. Šitić, who will teach us in understandable and graduate way how to help our body. Thirteen excersises are composed to be an extension of each other, to activate our muscles, to perform needed movements in our neglected joints. Excersises are timed in such a way that they are suitable even for very busy people.

Like the old wisdom says: Better safe than sorry.

Zagreb, 30.3.2004.

Iva Kolić, physiotherapist

Posture is reflection of man, of his personality, it shows what he thinks, what he feels - shows his fears, his anxiety, his doubts, as well as his fortune and success. Tension induced by too often and too long sitting, specially by unnatural body position during work supported by daily dose of stress pose a threat even for the most resisant people.

The main problem isn't how to relax in the ideal environment, but how to relax surrounded by stress and tension - when the need for relaxation is the greatest. Purpose of muscular relaxation during buisness is to work only active muscles and to leave relaxed and inactive those not needed for certain action (e.g. jaw or shoulder muscles). The active muscles also need some relaxation from time to time so they can preserve their strength. Relaxation and concentration on specific areas of body gives higher controle over muscles, blood pressure, breathing, temperature...

Excersises of mr.Šitić are excellent choice of response for demands of modern way of life. The are simple and can be preformed without leaving your desk. By excersising you relax your spine, neck, shoulders and gain the skill of selective relaxation. You will also feel better, achieve higher concentration and higher work efficiency.

Zagreb, 30.3.2004.

Mr. sc. Dunja Barak Smešny

Man needed a milion years to evolve into "homo erectus - the standing man", and in the last century he is turning into "the sitting man". Naturally, this period isn't long enough for his body to adopt to this new position.

Because of it there are many postural syndroms: miotensive headaches, cervico-brachial syndromes, intercostalgic syndromes They resulted with: cutting the work time, degrading the work efficiency, discomfort and painfull sensations during work. The goal of many therapists is to help the man, to find a method practical enough, so it can be applied without major loss of time. It is also important that they act as boath preventive and curative meassure.

Exercises that were prepared by phisical therapist Tonći Šitić give you that possibility. They are collected and recorded on a CD so they can be viewed by most people today. They are combined in such a way that you can start a CD and excersise without major interruption in work.

By using these excersises you can work constantly loaded and painfull muscles, as well as prevent all longterm tension in neck muscles. These tensions result with shortening of the connective tissue in muscles Due to fibrosis elasticity of the muscle diminishes and chronic pain occurs. My oppinion is that this is an exceptional practical tool and all you need to do is start it and excersise. The value of these exercises is even greater because it is supported by before given explanations.

Rijeka, 24.4.2004.

Miljenko Cesarec, physiotherapist

Modern time creates modern people. Do You lead a modern way of life?Do You earn money in modern, sophisticated way? Do You seat more than You walk? Do You feel tired in Your back, pain between Your scapulas,in Your neck? It results with headaches. If You sense all that, You should know that You are "in" and You are a modern, sophisticated person.

Modern kinesiotherapy has found ways to solve these problems. One of it is to get and attend therapeutic sessions in one of the health institutions. The other one is to invite physiotherapist to home. Problems that are result of insufficient movement demand everyday attention and care. Exercising two or three days a year is not enough.

Physiotherapist who has been successfully practicing for ten years, has recently shared his enormous experience and knowledge with us through CD. In that way he offered his knowledge to other physiotherapists and professions who deal with that problematics. But, above all, this CD is dedicated to patients for independent exercising. "Exercises in sitting position" is a video display of a therapeuti’s seanse where author, using his voice in simple way, leads patient through all 13 exercises. I hope that this first made is not the last what colleague Tonći created.

Krapina, 2.5.2004.

Antun Jurinić, physiotherapist,
chairman of the Croatian association of physiotherapists

There are more and more scientific proofs that a modern man, through systematical limitations and loading up of the same physical activity, has caused deep and still umeasurable consequences on health, psychological and social area of human activities.

Nowdays, people can be categorized according to the posture deformalities even before problems occure (usually pain and inability to perform activites in every day life).

The solution is very simple-Let's move. But excuses are so sweet. I don’t have time ( Who manages our time?) I don't have space (who says you need a gym) I don’t have company (who forbbides you to activate your family, friends, associates) and thousand more reasons.

Colleague Tonći Šitić used modern technology to help a modern man. Since we seat in front of monitors so long, isn’t it reasonable to use it on our behalf. The fact that colleague Šitić opened another endless possibility to approach physiotherapy to a simple user, pleases me.

Zagreb, 3.5.2004.