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Meant as it’s name says for people that work sitting down (no matter of the age). They don’t take up much time. 13 Exercises, each is about 40 sec. long. You don’t need any special equipment, and all you need is 8 minutes of your time and some good will. After that you will fill less stiff, more nimble a cheerful. Exercise them 1-2 time a day and that is that.


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The new DVD from the workshop of Tonći Šitić, who this time shows us exercises for stretching. It is useful for those who are already attending therapy and are somehow involved in the rehabilitation process. It is also important for people that involved in sports to prevent injuries.


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This DVD “Exercises for spine – medical gymnastic in 23 steps” continues where the last CD left off, it shows 23 carefully selected exercises, where the user can identify himself while doing them, they don’t need any special equipment or clothes, they can be done almost anywhere from you home to the gym, which is extremely important and is only product of it’s kind which is recommended by Croatian Society of Physiotherapists.


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This is the logical continuation of the “Exercises for spine” DVD which was greatly adopted. Most of the questions were how to exercise the legs correctly, how to have an reminder after learning the exercises, and which exercises to do for which leg problems.


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Tonći Šitić

I was born in Split in 1966, I graduated at the High medical school in Zagreb in 1996. I finished the third year in 2001. I have been practising physiotherapy for 10 years. My area of special interest is manual therapy, acupressure, PIR (postisometric relaxation) especially adjusted exercises (creating programs and guidingthe exerciseson the individual basis in the air or in the water).

I was working in the following places:
Clinical hospital "Dubrava"
Clinical hospital "Sisters of charity"
Center "Goljak"
Hotel "Zora" Primošten
Mobile physiotherapy
I was working in sport as a physiotherapist:
1995 - 1997 - Physiotherapist of the Croatian athletic (junior
and senior) representation (European junior championship
1995 - 2000 - personal physiotherapist of Ante Smolić- Ročak
(karate) European student champion , Croatian national
champion many times)
1996 - physiotherapist of the waterpolo club "Mladost", European and Croatian champion, Won the Croatian cup in 1997.
1997 - Basket ball club "Zrinjevac" juniors (half of the sezone)